About the jersey:

The Golden Mustard jersey uses what has now become our standard jersey shape and fabric combination. This jersey is designed to bring a balance between, durability, performance and comfort. Even though this is our standard jersey it's anything but standard. We have constructed this jersey out of 3 different fabrics, with the main back and front panels made from a technical fabric that is durable and very effective at drawing moisture away from the body. The side panels are light weight mesh that can withstand a lot stress and has high stretching capabilities. This helps regulate body temperature and allowing the rider to run a very tight-fitting jersey if they choose to. The sleeves and top of the jersey are made from a smooth fabric to enhance aerodynamics. Whether you are racing, going for a local kom/qom or just riding with your mates, this will help you do it with more efficiency and ease. Even the placement of the seams has been done to optimise the aerodynamics of the jersey as every detail has been carefully thought out.